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Project Detail

Natchitoches Sibley Lake Water Intake Structure

  • CDG Job: 2162
  • Owner: City of Natchitoches
  • Engineering Firm: Meyer, Meyer, Lacroix, and Hixon, Inc.
  • Engineer: Paul Trimble, P.E.
  • Contract Amount: $1,380,700.00

Project Details:

This project consisted of the installation of three new 150HP Gorman-Rupp self-priming pumps, piping, variable frequency drives (V.F.D.) electrical controls, and piping connections while maintaining flow of the existing structure through the use of bypass plumbing during its removal and replacement. All new piping was cleaned and painted to specifications and new structural steel installed. Our crew worked on the project in 24 hour shifts in order to maintain the city with water while the pumps were being replaced.

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