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Project Detail

Sulphur Bridge Replacement
City of Sulphur - three bridge replacements

  • CDG Job: 2184
  • Owner: City of Sulphur LA
  • Engineering Firm: Meyer & Associates, Inc.
  • Engineer: Mr. Chuck Stutes and Dennis Bergeron
  • Contract Amount: $1,827,800.00

Project Details:

This project consisted of removing three bridges along West Lyons St., West Lincoln St., and Phillips St. and installing new precast bridges in these three locations. The installation involved the relocation of existing utilities in these areas, drilling and pouring approx. 1500 L.F. of 30" drilled shafts, installation of new sloped concrete revetment retaining walls, and placing the caps, decks, and barriers for the bridges. Drilled shafts were used in lieu of conventional piles due to the proximity of residential neighborhoods to the job site. This process allows for reduced vibration to the homes and their respective foundations in the adjacent neighborhoods.

This project was completed in July 2009.

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